Combining the power of nature and the knowledge of science, CBD Oil MD products were formulated by a team of doctors, scientists and industry experts to provide premium grade, potent, and consistent products. Our exclusive CBD products are made using 100% Organically Grown US Hemp from the fertile soil of Oregon. All of our products are 2018 US Farm Bill Compliant ( THC Free or contains less than .3% of THC ).

CBD Oil MD products are manufactured in FDA Registered and GMP Approved Facilities. To ensure safety, purity, consistency and potency, our CBD Products undergoes rigorous testing throughout the entire manufacturing and production process.  This allows us to provide a pure, premium CBD Oil. Furthermore, our CBD products are tested by an accredited independent 3rd party laboratories. Third-party lab testing provides a neutral, unbiased source of information. It benefits the consumer due to its transparency. With an independent test, a company can’t alter in-house results or publish inaccurate information.

These lab reports provide a complete and accurate analysis of all the natural occurring cannabinoids and other chemical compounds found in our CBD Oil.  This  allows our customers to make an informed decision before  purchasing our CBD products. We welcome you to view our independent third-party lab results on our website.

At CBD Oil MD , we go to great lengths in adhering to our core values that guide us each and every day:
We believe that it is our duty to provide pure, high quality, and above all SAFE, affordable CBD Oil products to our customers. We take immense pride knowing that when our customers purchase product from us, they can be rest assured and confident they are buying an authentic product from a credible, trustworthy company.